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Chasing the Inca Package 12 Days

  • Peru Package 12 Days
  • Peru Package 12 Days
  • Peru Package 12 Days
  • Peru Package 12 Days
Cusco City, Cusco
12 days

Chasing the Inca Package 12 Days

Chasing the Inca Package 12 Days–Hike, discover your way through Peru’s most spectacular wonders. Explore, Sacred Valley, Cusco & Machu Picchu, Hike the famed world-class Inca Trail as you venture to Machu Picchu, nestled in the Andes, where you’ll behold one of the most impressive (and mysterious) relics the Incan civilization left behind. and witness the impressive colonial art in the remote XVI century churches by private guide.
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Chasing the Inca Package 12 Days


Peru Package 12 Days

Peru Package 12 Days–Hike, discover your way through Peru’s most spectacular wonders. Explore, Sacred Valley, Cusco & Machu Picchu, Hike the famed world-class Inca Trail as you venture to Machu Picchu, nestled in the Andes, where you’ll behold one of the most impressive (and mysterious) relics the Incan civilization left behind. and witness the impressive colonial art in the remote XVI century churches by private guide.

There are many roads that lead to the Lost City, but only one takes us on an adventure into the cultural heartbeat of the Andean people. Our journey to Machu Picchu begins in Cusco, the original capital of the Inca civilization. We begin our trip with a 5-day introduction to the former Inca capital of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Spend some time becoming familiar with the altitude of the region, visiting iconic ruins and traversing well-preserved cobblestone streets, hiking downhill using an Inca trail that leads to the Sacred Valley for a better acclimatization. Create your own imagination on potteries from a local pottery expert who will assist you as you create our own piece- a lasting memory and unique souvenir to take home with you. This active tour offers the perfect blend of history, culture, and adventure. Enjoy as much or as little action as you like. our Peru tours will have you feeling like a modern-day Indiana Jones. Just don’t forget to pack your fedora–Peru Package 12 Days.

Itinerary Preview

Day 1. Arrive Cusco, Peru – Walking Tour

Day 2. Sacsayhuaman – Qoricancha – Cathedral

Day 3. Moray – Maras Salt Mines – Ollantaytambo.

Day 4. Chinchero – Urquillos Trek – Pisaq.

Day 5. Pottery Workshop – Community Visit.

Day 6. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Day 7. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Day 8. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Day 9. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Day 10. Machu Picchu

Day 11. Andahuyalillas – Huaro – Canincunca

Day 12. Depart Cusco.

Duration: 12 Days / 11 Nights

Physical Rating: 4 – Moderate, Strenuous – Some high altitude hikes  – depending on your fitness level. Full-day hikes (6-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 3,500 feet) on many hikes. Trips with hiking at average altitudes of 10,000 to 15,600 feet are in this category.

Service Level: Upgraded

Group Size: Small Private Group. Small group experience, Min 02 – Max 8, Avg 04.

Activity: Hiking / Trekking, Archaeology, Cultural Adventures.

Arrive: Cusco, Peru

Depart: Cusco, Peru

We have two Treks for this tour.

Please read the itinerary and select one for correct pricing and program. Inca Trail, and Salkantay Trek.

Overnight In Machu Picchu Town? YES.

Limited Trekking Permits: YES, Reserve your trek early! The Peruvian Government has restricted the number of Inca Trail trekking permits to 500 hikers per day. With many individuals and groups vying for an opportunity to trek this spectacular route, obtaining permits has become a bigger challenge than ever. It is common for permits to be sold out five to six months in advance. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience this unforgettable, world-class hike… reserve your spot early for the best selection of date options and leave the rest to Machu Picchu Travel Company!

Please Note. Passport information must be submitted to Machu Picchu Travel Company at the moment you book prior to departure. This information is necessary to issue Inca Trail, Machu Picchu train tickets, and Machu Picchu entrance fee.


Day 1. Arrive Cusco, Peru – Walking Tour

Arrive in Cusco, where you are met and transferred to your hotel. Welcome meeting at hotel by your Tour Leader. We then have our orientation tour in the city. Lunch and dinner are at your expense. However, round trip car service is included to a restaurant in Cusco of your choice, (for a good choice you can get some recommendations from your Tour Leader).

Day 2. Sacsayhuaman – Qoricancha – Cathedral

Today, you will engage in a full day tour of Cusco. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll through the historical and impressive of Sacsayhuaman, Qoricancha, and Cathedral.

In Sacsayhuaman we’ll witness the breath-taking Inca architecture, nine meters high limestone blocks were used to make massive walls, employing only the manpower, which was offered to Andean Gods as a great temple. We then proceed to Qoricancha the most important temple for the whole Inca empire, this place still amazes you by the finest walls the Incas were able to make. After exploring this Inca temple, we’ll visit the Cathedral of Cusco, home for more than 1500 piece of arts from the colonial time, among the artworks the most representative is Last Supper, where you can see a roast guinea pig instead of bread, a canvas made by a local indigenous person (Marcos Zapata). Only breakfast included. Lunch, and dinner are at your expense. However, round trip car service is included to a restaurant in Cusco of your choice, (for a good choice you can get some recommendations from your Tour Leader).

Day 3. Moray – Maras Salt Mines – Ollantaytambo.

Today we head out on a full-day exploration of the western side of Urubamba Valley – the enchanting “Sacred Valley of the Incas”. We’ll travel to the Inca ruins of Moray. The circular terraces of Moray were used as an agricultural “research laboratory” for the Incas, who studied temperature variation from one terrace to another in order to develop different crop varieties. We continue to the small town of Maras, and the picturesque salt mines. Originally used by the Pre-Inca and Inca culture, villagers from surrounding communities still mine salt by hand from the spring-fed terraced pools.

After exploring this quaint place, we’ journey through the Sacred Valley, past Incan terraces and fields of corn, wheat, barley and quinoa, ultimately arriving into the amazing Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo, where a unique Temple of the Sun still rests atop the hill. The granite rocks which comprise the temple wall, were brought from 4.97 miles away. Our next exploration will be in the small town of Ollantaytambo, whose street plan still maintains its original Incan layout. After Cusco was overtaken by the conquistadors, Manco Inca and his army of approximately 30,000 retreated to Ollantaytambo and were victorious here against the forces of Spanish commander Hernando Pizarro in the Battle of Ollantaytambo. After a guided walking tour of the town. We will eventually drive back to our hotel. Only breakfast included. Lunch and dinner are at your expense. (for a good choice you can get some recommendations from your Tour Leader).

Day 4. Chinchero – Urquillos Trek – Pisaq.

Journey outside Cusco to the traditional, lovely high Andean village of Chinchero where we visit a textile cooperative and learn more about the weaving traditions that have been passed down among the local people for centuries, a great place that was built by the Inca emperor as his palace, and home to a charming colonial church built atop an Inca archaeological site. We’ll explore this beautiful archaeological site of Chinchero along with massive agricultural terracing, temples, where colonial buildings rest atop Inca foundations, a church that holds beautiful paintings, 18 karat gold leaf reredos. After a complete exploration of the site, we’ll enjoy an astonishing hike through authentic Inca trails from Chinchero to the town of Urquillos. The trail is gentle downhill that goes through the highland valley to reach the Sacred Valley. Enjoy a picnic lunch amid the trail before getting to Urquillos town. At Urquillos town we’ll take our private transport to get our next stop which is exceptionally well-preserved ruins at Pisac, where we’ll explore the various old structures and crop terraces. Breakfast and packed lunch included. Dinner is at your expense. However, round trip car service is included to a restaurant in Cusco of your choice, (for a good choice you can get some recommendations from your Tour Leader).

Day 5. Pottery Workshop – Community Visit.

Today we head out on an excursion to discover our passion in art–pottery workshop and play soccer with Andean kids in a remote village. Shortly after leaving Cusco. En route, visit a center where South American camelids, such as llamas and alpacas, are bred. Learn about the valuable fibers created from their coats, and feed these iconic animals. We will then travel through the Sacred Valley to Pottery Center, where we’ll have a chance to understand about making pots, cups, jugs, and we’ll grab a punch of clay to create our own pottery with your own designs with a help of local potters, we’ll find these ceramics at our hotel in Cusco after Machu Picchu, ready to take with us as a nice memorable souvenir. After molding our potteries, we’ll drive to a remote village, to visit its local inhabitants, who still wear authentic outfits, made by themselves using alpaca fibers, and we’ll have a soccer match with local children at an altitude of 12,136 feet. We will eventually drive back to our hotel. Only breakfast included. Lunch, and dinner are at your expense. However, round trip car service is included to a restaurant in Cusco of your choice, (for a good choice you can get some recommendations from your Tour Leader).

Day 6. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Inca Trail: Ready for one of the world’s must-do adventures? Join us on our trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Inca’s glorious city of stone perched high above the Sacred Valley. This fabled lost city is the most magical of all the Incan sites, and its exquisite setting makes it utterly unforgettable. Climb through beautiful mountain valleys filled with wild orchids and rainbow-colored mosses. This Trail has a distance of about 26 miles, the ancient trail laid by the Incas from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu winds its way up and down and around the mountains, snaking over three high Andean passes on route, which have collectively led to the route being dubbed the Inca Trail. The views of snowy mountain peaks, distant rivers and ranges, and cloud forests flush with orchids are stupendous – and walking from one cliff-hugging pre-Columbian ruin to the next is a mystical and unforgettable experience.

Our perfectly paced trek follows on the path of the ancient Incas and brings you to fascinating ruins accessible only on foot and through the legendary Gate of the Sun right into Machu Picchu itself. We’ve honed this journey to perfection with spectacular campsites, superb camp amenities, and an extraordinary team of Tour Leaders. If you’ve ever dreamed of hiking the Inca Trail, this is the way to do it!

Salkantay Trek: This trek is a bit longer than Inca Trail (29.6 miles).

Enjoy a spectacular Andean trek & camping to Machu Picchu at stunning and unique camp sites! Following ancient Inca trails in the Cordillera Vilcabamba, the precipitous mountain range that cradles Machu Picchu, you’ll hike through an exquisite setting of gleaming glacial lakes, cloud forests full of orchids and waterfalls, and the dazzling peaks and glaciers of Salkantay (20,533 feet), and you will walk in the shadows of this great mountain and Tukarway mountain (19,239 feet), hike through coffee plantations, banana trees and avocado orchards until we reach the famed Inca city. At the end of each exhilarating day, you’ll be welcomed at unique camps sites with spacious four season tents and your ultimate reward is an exploration of ethereal Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of the Inca world.

Inca Trail Day 1: Hotel – Piscacucho Km 82 – Wayllabamba.

Our excitement mounts as we board our private van for the two hours long drive to the trailhead at Piscacucho Km 82 (8,923 feet). Here, we meet our Quechua porters and begin trekking the amazing Inca Trail. With snow-capped Mount Veronica (19,188 feet), and the rest of the Urubamba range as a backdrop, we follow a well-marked path past the first beautiful Incan site of Llactapata and through some small Andean villages on the way to our campsite near Huayllabamba (9,745 feet). All meals included.

Hiking Distance: 5.7 miles.

Hiking Time: 6 hours.

Salkantay Trek day 1: Cusco – Soyrucocha

We gather early this morning and begin our drive towards the Salkantay trek’s starting point, the picturesque starting point of our Andean trek. En route we visit the Inca ruins of Tarawasi near the town of Limatambo and stop for a coffee break in the small village of Mollepata. We then keep driving for about one more hour to Soraypampa, where we get ready to start our trek to the first campsite called Soyrucocha (14,551 feet). We hike through the Andean valley, circling Tukarway Peak across from Salkantay. By late afternoon, we reach our destination the highest campsite on this trek, located in the spectacular spot, crowned by majestic Salkantay (20,533 feet), a sacred peak in Inca mythology and the highest in this region of the Andes. After organizing our personal items in our roomy tents, we’ll have the remainder of the day to relax and enjoy the fabulous views around. All meals included.

Hiking Distance: 3.7 miles.

Hiking Time: 4 hours.

Day 7. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Inca Trail Day 2: Wayllabamba – Llulluchapampa – Pacaymayu

A nutritious breakfast prepares us for today’s challenging trek along the narrow Llullucha gorge and over the first pass on the trail. We hike through dense forest encountering abundant birdlife and flowering plants before reaching the open meadows of Llulluchapampa, where we have our succulent lunch. The final approach to the high pass begins here with a long, steep ramp leading to Warmiwanusca (13,780 feet), which is the highest point on the trail. At the top, the views of the surrounding peaks and verdant forest canopy are spectacular. The trail then descends steeply and passes through a meadow rife with, long grass, waterfalls and Andean wildflowers. Tonight we camp in the upper meadows of Pacaymayo very close to cloud forest. All meals included.

Hiking Distance: 7 miles.

Hiking Time: 8 hours.

Salkantay Trek Day 2. Soyrucocha – Collpapampa

A nutritious breakfast prepares us for today’s highest point on the whole trail along the steep section Salkantay pass. We’ll set out early in the cool mountain air carrying only our daypacks and cameras. We’ll reach the highest point of our trip today (15,147 feet) as we hike up a series of switchbacks over a pass that offers outstanding views of the snow-capped peaks of the Vilcabamba Range in every direction. With the south face of Salkantay towering above us, we’ll keep our eyes out for Andean condors, often visible in this area. From the pass we continue our descent toward the Wayra valley (Wayra translates to “The place where the wind lives”), and the cloud forest. We then arrive to the second camp site called Collpapampa that is located at an altitude of 8,993 feet. All meals included.

Hiking Distance: 10.5 miles.

Hiking Time: 9-10 hours.

Day 8. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Inca Trail Day 3. Pacaymayu – Phuyupatamarca

We cross the Runkurakay Pass (12,753 feet) in the morning, enjoying excellent views of the glacier-clad peaks of the Pumasillo Mountains and deep gorges of the eastern Andes. We then descend gradually through a unique ecological zone – a high jungle transition area rich in plant and animal life. After entering the cloud forest, our route takes us past the ruins of Sayacmarca and through a natural tunnel elaborated on by the Incas. This portion of the trail is well-paved with Inca stonework and leads us to the spectacular campsite at Phuyupatamarca (12,034 feet). The campsite offers superb sunset and sunrise vistas over the Urubamba and Aobamba River Valleys and of glacier-covered peak Salcantay (20,575 feet). All meals included.

Hiking Distance: 6.1 miles.

Hiking Time: 7 hours.

Salkantay Trek Day 3. Collpapampa – Lucmabamba

Enjoy a stunning backdrop of glaciers and icefalls as you keep walking through the cloud forest, and always keeping an eye out for birds, until the lunch spot located on a promontory above the confluence of three fast-flowing rivers. We then continue walking observing birds through delicate cloud forest vegetation on our way to next camp site called Hatun Poco (8,666 feet). This section of the trail is very lush with orchid-draped forest and among the waterfalls and bromeliads of the Sahuayacu Valley, where locals have avocado, and passion fruit orchards.

We’ll arrive to La Playa village with its friendly inhabitants. One more hour later from this village the trail brings us to Lucmabamba (6,867 feet) camp site, where we’ll be treated to a special pachamanca here, a traditional festive Peruvian meal. This camp site is perfect to spot hummingbirds so we’ll spend the afternoon whilst watching them, or we may have an opportunity to explore the coffee crops, and other tropical fruits. All meals included.

Hiking Distance: 8.6 miles.

Hiking Time: 6 hours.

Day 9. Inca Trail – Salkantay Trek

Inca Trail Day 4. Phuyupatamarca – Wiñaywayna – Machu Picchu

As we leave Phuyupatamarca, we begin a steep stone staircase descent, followed by a series of additional descents varying in grade, to the Winay Wayna (8,666 feet) ruins where we stop for lunch. During the afternoon, our anticipation rises as we make our way to Intipunku (the Gate of the Sun). We arrive at Intipunku in mid-afternoon and are rewarded with our first breathtaking sights of Machu Picchu. After spending time at this lookout point, we descend to the Incan city and briefly explore some areas close to the trail. This evening, we enjoy a well-deserved shower and hotel stay in the nearby town of Aguas Calientes, on the valley floor. All meals included, except for the last dinner.

Hiking Distance: 6.2 miles.

Hiking Time: 8 hours.

Salkantay Trek Day 4. Lucmabamba – Llaqtapata – Machu Picchu Town

A hearty breakfast fuels us up for the last day of our trek and the initial 3-hour climb towards Llactapata pass (8,974 feet). Shortly after cresting the pass and beginning our 3,165 feet descent, we’ll be treated to our first distant glimpse of Machu Picchu. As few tourists approach the ruins from this direction, our particular view is a unique treat. The final descent along the trail leading to the Urubamba River passes through more orchards and lush bamboo forests. Our hike today is timed to reach the river with ample time to spare before the train arrives that will transport us to the village of Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes), located a short distance from the ruins. We’ll spend this last night at the delightful Gringo Bill’s Boutique Hotel or similar hotel, a perfect base from which to explore the wonders of this magnificent site the next day. All meals included, except the last dinner.

Hiking Distance: 6.8 miles.

Hiking Time: 6 hours.

Day 10. Machu Picchu

For Both Treks, Today is the same itinerary.

Guided Tour at Machu Picchu – Free Time to Explore or Hike to Huayna Picchu Mountain – Back to Cusco

We have an early breakfast and head up to the Inca city to experience the peace and solitude of this magical place. Our knowledgeable Leader leads us through, explaining the significance of the various structures and the theories behind Machu Picchu’s purpose and construction methods. We have the rest of the morning and early afternoon to attempt the optional hike up Huayna Picchu mountain and/or explore the Inca city on our own. We catch the afternoon train to Ollantaytambo and from there take the bus back to Cusco, arriving at approximately 6:45 p.m. The day concludes with our Leader joining us for a final celebration dinner at a traditional local restaurant. Only breakfast included, the rest of meals don’t include

Hiking Huayna Picchu: Optional Huayna Picchu hike may be unguided and is steep with some exposure. Permits are limited to 400 spaces a day. An alternative optional hike may be available if Huayna Picchu permits cannot be obtained.

Day 11. Colonial Churches of Andahuyalillas – Huaro – Canincunca

We head out to the south of Cusco to visit the Canincunca church, a beautiful village church located on a hilltop, and right above a lake, a great church to start our introduction to colonial Andean art ( from XVI, XVII century). This church is not restored yet in whole structure, but the ceilings and the walls covered by paint in fresco are the brilliantly work of indigenous artists. We then continue to Church of Huaro, just close by to the first one, this church in comparison with previous one is more elaborated and already restored, the arts in it, will amaze us, paintings, made by Tadeo Escalante (an indigenous person), show the afterlife of human beings (the vision of death), the final judgment, glory and hell, defined by the union of Andean symbolism, its popular beliefs and colonial art. The frames of the paintings and the main reredos are in 18 karat gold leaf.

Our exploration ongoing to Andahuaylillas where we’ll visit the Church of San Pedro Apostol, that is home to golden altars, paintings, and many colored ceilings. The chapel is simple and unassuming on the outside, but on the inside, the church will take our breath away, as this place holds unique masterpiece, reredos, canvases, frescoes, all made by local artists from escuela cusqueña (Cusquenian school), you’ll enjoy this trip. Only Breakfast Included. Lunch and dinner are at your expense. However, round trip car service is included to a restaurant in Cusco of your choice, (for a good choice you can get some recommendations from your Tour Leader).

Day 12. Depart Cusco.

This morning, transfer to the airport and depart.

Note on Itinerary

Although we do our best to adhere to the schedule listed above, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control.

What’s included

– All transfer service in private transport.

– Entrance fee to archaeological sites like Machu Picchu, Moray, Maras Salt Mines, Sacsayhuaman, Andahuaylillas, Huaro and many other Inca archaeological sites.

– 7 nights of Hotel (3-star hotel).

– Bus tickets in Machu Picchu (round trip).

– Private Tour Leader (Who travel with you during the journey assisting you 24/7.

– Train ticket back to Cusco at the end of our journey.

– Excursion to all the places mentioned on the itinerary.

– Camping Equipment Black Diamond 4 season tent (04 people tent for 02 people).

– Other camping equipment, a dining tent with table and chairs, and a kitchen tent, manned by a professional cooking staff.

– First-Aid Kits, Oxygen tank.

– Meals ONLY ON TREKS: Breakfast (4), lunch (4), dinner (3), and snacks.

– A professional Quechua chef who grew up in the countryside, and several Quechua Porters who will carry the equipment.

– Sleeping pad (Therma-Rest mattresses) and pillow.

On Inca Trail. Duffle bag, to pack your personal ítems max amount 16 pounds to be carried by our porters.

– Outdoor toilet tents with chemical toilets at our campsites.

On Salkantay Trek. Horses and muleteers to carry your personal gears. Where you’ll pack as max amount 18 pounds.

What’s Not Included

– Sleeping bags, you might get them rented from us US$ 5 per day.

– Hiking poles, you might get them rented from us US$5 per day a pair of poles, Black Diamond or Leki brand.

– Meals during the day tours.

– Extra expenditure during the trek, such as: soda, alcoholic drinks, extra snacks, tickets for the hot Springs in Aguas Calientes.

– Tipping.

– Travel Insurance.

– Travel and health insurance (bring copies with you please), we highly recommend to get an insurance of trip cancellation, interruption; an insurance to protect your travel investment, Included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance and emergency medical expense insurance. Any unexpected situations occurred during the journey and which are beyond our control, including changes in scheduling trains or flights, delays, strikes, cancellations, missed connections, etc. it should be covered by the passenger as a whole. Also, if you for physical reasons of health cannot continue the trek or walk, and will need emergency evacuation then all charges incurred such as transportation, hotel, ambulance, doctors, medication, hospitalization, etc. will be at passenger’s expense.

– International or internal airfare, transfers for independent arrival or departure, any meals not specified after each itinerary day in the Detailed Itinerary, airport departure taxes, optional tipping or gratuities to leaders or staff, additional hotel nights that may be necessitated by airline schedule changes or other factors, expenses such as medical immunizations (if any), travel insurance, or passports and visas, and other expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.).


Lodging & Camping Amenities

Inca Trail & Salkantay Trek Camps.

We make hiking and camping in the Andes as comfortable as it can get! On the trail, you are accompanied by our experienced team of trek Leaders, and all your gear is carried for you, leaving you free to hike with just a light daypack to hold your camera, water bottle, jacket, etc. Our camp amenities include a dining tent with a dining table, chairs with backs, camp meals prepared by our highly trained staff, toilet tents with chemical toilets. Our camp crew takes care of all camp chores, including bringing tea or coffee to your tent each morning and providing beautiful picnic lunches each day at a scenic spot along the trail. Accommodations are in sturdy mountain-four season tents, mountain-four season sleeping pads, pillows. Our camps are operated to the highest environmental standards. Most trip members bring their own sleeping bag, but we can arrange for you to rent them in Cusco at our office if you prefer.

Tents: Black Diamond tents. Our tents are 4 season and roomy, high-quality 4-person mountain tents (used for only two people) and 2-person tents (used for singles).

Sleeping Pads. Therma-rest 4 season. Our Sleeping pads are comfortable and high-quality mountain type.

Hotel in Machu Picchu Town. On the fourth night of the trek, after your final day of hiking, you’ll overnight at charming Gringo Bill’s Boutique hotel or a similar hotel, in the town of Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes).

Hotel in Cusco City. Hotel Rumi Punku. An enchanting colonial construction mansion that was placed upon the ancient Inca foundations and Inca buildings, with beautiful Inca stonemasonry main gate, that’s why the name of “Rumi Punku” that means the gate of rock wall, Tierra Viva Hotels.


With Inca Trail Trek – From USD 2200.00 Per Person.

With Salkantay Trek – From USD 2000.00 Per Person.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars and all payments must be made in US Dollars.

To offer the lowest possible cost, our trips are tier priced according to the number of full-paying participants on the trip.

All costs are per person, based on double occupancy. If you wish to have a single room, you must pay the single supplement fee. If you are willing to share accommodations, we will match you with a roommate if one is available. If we cannot match you with a roommate, the “forced single supplement” is listed if applicable.

Trip Payment Schedule.

At the time of reservation: 30% of total balance.

– 90 days prior to departure: Balance should be paid fully, or once upon your arrival in Cusco the other 70% of final balance must be paid fully.

Cancellation and Transfer Fee Schedule.

– Minimum fee (Trek permit fee): $350 per person

– 61-90 days prior to departure: 30% of trip cost

– 46-60 days prior to departure: 50% of trip cost

– 45 days or less: 100% of trip cost

Hike Training

Preparing For Your Trek

Whichever trail people choose, it’s important that they make the right preparations. The hike into the Andes is difficult for most, if for no other reason than the high altitude. No matter what, hikers should give themselves at least two days to adjust to the high altitudes in Cusco before beginning their journey. Once setting out, it’s important to be prepared with all of the essentials. Vendors will sell bottled water and snacks on the way, so it’s a good idea for travelers to carry currency just in case. Also, the trail gets cold at night, so it’s important to have proper sleeping bags and warm clothes even when hiking in Peru’s summer months.

Both Treks have the same terrain, in exception, the Inca Trail is mostly rock paved trail, while Salkantay Trek is mostly dirt bridle path. The trails go up and down across green mountains while crossing two high-altitude passes. For the most part, you can hike at your own speed because we always have a staff member hiking in the lead as well as one behind with the slowest hiker in our group if there are 7 participants in the group. Any fit, experienced hiker will enjoy this hike, but we recommend you make an extra effort to prepare by engaging in regular exercise well beyond your normal routine. To accelerate your conditioning, try walking faster than 1.5 miles per hour, walking on steeper inclines, using your gym’s stair-climbing machines, or going on long hikes (also a good way to break in your boots). Please be aware that there are a few sections of long, steep stone staircases, so we do suggest hiking poles to protect your knees. The trek takes place at altitudes between 9,840 feet and 13,780 feet.

What To Pack. The Peruvian government has a strict regulation 42-pound weight limit for Quechua porters on the Inca Trail. Keep in mind that weight will include your sleeping bag and pad. Thus, you do need to pack light for the trek, but you will find it is not that challenging since all you really need are the following: comfortable hiking clothes, with additional warm layers, good hiking boots, and personal toiletries (we provide a detailed clothing list). You can bring your own, or rent a Machu Picchu Travel Company sleeping bag, and hiking sticks. Your non-hiking luggage will be safely stored for you at your Cusco hotel. One of our Area Managers will be your point person from your first inquiry throughout your preparation for the trip, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have about preparing and packing for this incredible journey.

Tour Leaders

Meet our fabulous Leaders

A professional Machu Picchu Travel Company Tour Leader with a deep knowledge of the destination and a focus on customer service makes all the difference. Our leaders are experts in Inca history, nature, birding, gastronomy, local language, etc, with a profound connection to Peru’s fascinating traditional culture. They take care of all the details so that you can savor the experiences of the trip. And just as important, they have a remarkable gift for sharing their extensive knowledge and favorite places. Our Tour Leaders have the warmth, endless energy, and that special “it” factor that transforms a trip into an unforgettable journey.


Cuisine On Treks

Make the most of Peru’s natural beauty with outdoor picnics on each adventure tour, and Discover the delights of Peruvian cuisine in each tour destinations and outdoor tours. So food is awesome!

Our chefs are to Food what Leonardo da Vinci is to Art, so we rely on really experienced Quechua chefs who were trained and chosen to make this food in the mountains, and they are our stars.

You’ll be surprised and delighted at the variety and quality of our on-the-trail cuisine, a blend of freshly made Peruvian & Fusion dishes with vegetarian options. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in our enclosed dining tent, complete with table and chairs. Each morning, you’ll wake up to hot coffee, cocoa, and a choice of teas, brought right to your tent. This is followed by a freshly prepared breakfast of eggs, pancakes, fruit salad, quinua porridge, fresh juice, French toast, or oatmeal. As you start the day’s hike, we provide tasty trail snacks including fresh fruit and chocolate.

Lunches consist of a wide variety of dishes, depending on the day, including delicious roast guinea pig (a local delicacy dish), beef, chicken, fish, pasta salads, soup, casseroles, and other offerings, or surprises with appetizers and delicious desserts. They are served at a comfortable and scenic spot along the trail where our staff has set up tables and chairs, and quite often an open tent for shade. At each lunch stop, we set up our own private toilet tent and chemical toilet for minimal impact on the environment.

Trip Details

This trip is Level 4, Moderate to Strenuous. Most hiking is between 8,000 and 12,000 feet. The maximum elevation we reach on Inca Trail is 13,780 feet and Salcantay Trek is 15,193 feet, and the highest place we camp IT is 12,034 feet and ST is 14,596. The total IT mileage hiked is about 26, while ST is 29.6 miles. Trails can be rugged, not the well-maintained trails you may be accustomed to in your country. For the most part, you can hike at your own speed. Out group will spread out along the trail during about six to eight hours of hiking each day (shorter on some days). On the trail, you will just carry your own daypack for the items that you want with you on the trail, such as a water bottle and a jacket. Our team of Inca Trail Quechua porters carries all your other gear from camp to camp.

A Typical Trekking Day. Hiking distances on trek are normally measured in hours, not miles, since maps aren’t really accurate enough to assess how far we walk up and down on winding mountain trails. With rest stops and photo stops, few people walk faster than one mile an hour in a mountainous region. Some hiking days are shorter than others, and some days are more difficult than others due to altitude gain and loss.

Trip Checklist.

– Original passport and Student ISIC card (if applicable), and some copies.

– Travel insurance (and some copies).

– Sleeping bag (or you can rent one from us).

– Backpack to carry your things.

– Phone, power bank battery, camera charger and adapter.

– Bathing suit (if you would like to enjoy the hot springs in Machu Picchu town).

– Camera.

– Torch or headlamps.

– Deet or mosquito repellent ( recommendable 30% DEET).

– Hiking poles ( or you can rent one pair from us).

– Rain gear (especially if traveling in the wet season, from October to March).

– Comfortable hiking clothes, including warm clothes for the nighttime.

– Good hiking boots with protector ankle or similar, and one pair of flip-flops or light sandals.

– Sunblock and sunglasses.

– Hiking long sleeve T-shirts.

– Hiking trousers.

– Ear Plugs.

– Thermal underwear.

– Hiking socks.

– Water bottle or canteen.

– American dollars and Peruvian soles in cash.

– Sun hat, cap, and warm hat and gloves for the nighttime.

– Toilet paper, and face tissue paper.

– Crédit or debit card.

– Luggage Tags and Locks.

– Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g. Ibuprofen).

– Personal first-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhoea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may take).

– For more info you can visit Gear Lexicon

When to Go

The Inca Trail and Salkantay Trek can be hiked all year except in late January and February, the rainiest months when the IT is closed for repairs, while the ST is still opened for hikers. The trail reopens in March and April, when the rains lighten up and the mountains are still green. High season begins in May and extends through September, as these are the driest months. October through December is considered shoulder season when occasional rain is possible, but keep in mind that the highlands of Peru are a temperate desert and it is not uncommon for it not to rain for weeks at a time even in the height of the rainy season. This is also the time with the fewest hikers on the trail, more flowers in bloom, and fewer tourists at Machu Picchu as well as in Cusco. Temperatures in the Cusco-Machu Picchu region range from the high 60s in the daytime to the low 40s at night, with some variation depending on the time of year you go.


Route & Acclimatization

Whichever trail people choose, it’s important that they make the right preparations. The hike into the Andes is difficult for most, if for no other reason than the high altitude. No matter what, hikers should give themselves at least two days to adjust to the high altitudes in Cusco before beginning their journey.

For that, our 5-day introduction in the city of Cusco, and Sacred Valley will be a key to accomplish our treks. Once setting out, it’s important to be prepared with all of the essentials. The trail gets cold at night, so it’s important to have sleeping bags and warm clothes even when hiking in Peru’s summer months.

And at the same time, our Inca Trail trek has five hiking days (most companies push it with just four days on the trail—and some even three). The Machu Picchu Travel Company way allows you to acclimatize gradually to the altitude, have reasonable wake-up times (no hiking in the dark, as with other companies), and enjoy well-paced hiking days that give you time to explore the extraordinary archaeological sites along the route. We want you to experience the wonder of the Inca Trail, not race through it.

With us, you can have the Inca Trail, and Salkantay Trek largely to yourself!. We have perfected the timing of our daily hiking schedule so that the majority of other hikers will be either far ahead or far behind you each day. This delivers a much better experience of this World Heritage Site, and our travelers often comment on the magic of having the Inca Trail to themselves!.