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Tipon Pikillacta Tours Full Day

  • Tipon Pikillacta Tours
  • Tipon Pikillacta Tours
Tipon, Cusco
1 day

Tipon Pikillacta Tours

Discover another enigma of the Inca Hydraulic knowledge. Rarely visited by travelers, who are in more of a hurry to see the villages and Inca ruins of the Sacred Valley north of Cusco, the extensive complex of Tipón is nearly the equal of the more celebrated ruins found in Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero. For fans of Inca stonemasonry and building technique, Tipón's well-preserved agricultural terracing is among the best created by the Incas and makes for a rewarding visit.
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Tipon Pikillacta Full Day Tour


Tipon Pikillacta Tours

Tipon Pikillacta Tours–Discover another enigma of the Inca Hydraulic knowledge. Rarely visited by travelers, who are in more of a hurry to see the villages and Inca ruins of the Sacred Valley north of Cusco, the extensive complex of Tipón is nearly the equal of the more celebrated ruins found in Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero. For fans of Inca stonemasonry and building technique, Tipón’s well-preserved agricultural terracing is among the best created by the Incas and makes for a rewarding visit. The terracing is so elaborately constructed that it might have been instrumental in testing complex crops rather than used for routine farming. There are also baths, a temple complex, and irrigation canals and aqueducts that further reveal the engineering prowess of the Incas. Tipon Town is an excellent spot for eating Cuy to build up your strength, as this dish is very typical for the town, and at every corner, there are plenty of “Cuyerias” (roast guinea pig places). We then continue our journey to Pikillacta, which is the only pre-Inca site of importance near Cusco. The Huari culture built the complex, a huge ceremonial center, between A.D. 700 and 900. The two-story adobe buildings, of rather rudimentary masonry, aren’t in particularly good shape, although they are surrounded by a defensive wall. Join us! to uncover the mysteries of these great sites–Tipon Pikillacta Tours.

Duration: Full Day

Physical Rating: 2 – Easy, Light, Nothing too Challenging. Hotel nights and/or safari-style camping, hikes of two to four hours on some days. Other physical activities are sometimes included, such as optional sea, river, lake kayaking.

Service Level: Upgraded

Group Size: Small group experience, Min 02 – Max 08, Avg 04.


Visit to Incan Hydraulic Engineering Center of Tipon, Guinea Pig for Lunch, Pre-Inca Buildings of Pikillaqta

Today we head out to the south valley of Cusco. First, we will visit the Inca city of Tipon an elaborate set of terraces and water channels. It is thought to have been used as a ceremonial center to worship water. And it’s said to be a royal garden commissioned by Wiracocha. Nowadays it’s one of the most elaborate examples of agricultural terracing created by the Incas. These tall terraces which run up the narrow valley are irrigated by an aqueduct from Pachatusan, the mountain above the site. In addition to the terracing, there are also some other structures at Tipon, including baths, a temple complex, canals, and aqueducts. Tipon is definitely one of the visited sites in the Cusco area but it is equally as impressive as those in the Sacred Valley. On the way to Pikillacta, we’ll pass by Tipon town, where we’ll enjoy the delicious pork chicharrones, the famous dish called Cuy (guinea pig) on a stick, or roast in a clay oven.

Along the route, we will have a brief stop by Oropesa town, known as the bread capital of Peru due to having over forty bakeries, which is the main economy in this town. After a few minutes drive, we will arrive to Pikillacta the only pre-Inca site in the Cusco. This adobe complex was built by the Wari culture who once dominated the central highland and coastal regions of Peru. Widely considered the first culture to make use of mass agricultural terraces, many of the Inca administrative practices can be traced back to the Wari civilization. In the late afternoon, we’ll be transferred back to our hotel.

Note on Itinerary

Although we do our best to adhere to the schedule listed above, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control.

What’s included

Private transport to Tipon & Pikillacta.

– Entrance fee to Tipon & Pikillacta.

– Tour Leader.

What’s Not Included

 – Meals

– Extra expenditure during the tour, such as soda, alcoholic drinks, extra snacks, tickets for the hot Springs in Aguas Calientes.

– Tipping.

– Travel Insurance.

– Travel and health insurance (bring copies with you please), we highly recommend to get an insurance of trip cancellation, interruption; an insurance to protect your travel investment, Included with your pre-departure package, bring your travel insurance to cover trip cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and delay, emergency medical evacuation insurance and emergency medical expense insurance. Any unexpected situations occurred during the journey and which are beyond our control, including changes in scheduling trains or flights, delays, strikes, cancellations, missed connections, etc. it should be covered by the passenger as a whole. Also, if you for physical reasons of health cannot continue the trek or walk, and will need emergency evacuation then all charges incurred such as transportation, hotel, ambulance, doctors, medication, hospitalization, etc. will be at passenger’s expense.

– International or internal airfare, transfers for independent arrival or departure, any meals not specified after each itinerary day in the Detailed Itinerary, airport departure taxes, optional tipping or gratuities to leaders or staff, additional hotel nights that may be necessitated by airline schedule changes or other factors, expenses such as medical immunizations (if any), travel insurance, or passports and visas, and other expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.).


From USD 110.00 Per Person.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars and all payments must be made in US Dollars.

To offer the lowest possible cost, our trips are tier priced according to the number of full-paying participants on the trip.

Trip Payment Schedule.

At the time of reservation: 30% of total balance.

– 90 days prior to departure: Balance should be paid fully, or once upon your arrival in Cusco the other 70% of final balance must be paid fully.

Cancellation and Transfer Fee Schedule.

– Minimum fee ( Tour permit fee): $20 per person

– 61-90 days prior to departure: 30% of trip cost

– 46-60 days prior to departure: 50% of trip cost

– 45 days or less: 100% of trip cost.

Tour Leaders

A professional Machu Picchu Travel Company Tour Leader with a deep knowledge of the destination and a focus on customer service makes all the difference. Our leaders are experts in Inca history, nature, birding, gastronomy, local language, etc, with a profound connection to Peru’s fascinating traditional culture. They take care of all the details so that you can savor the experiences of the trip. And just as important, they have a remarkable gift for sharing their extensive knowledge and favorite places. Our Tour Leaders have the warmth, endless energy, and that special “it” factor that transforms a trip into an unforgettable journey.

Trip Details

This trip is Level 2, Easy, Light, Nothing too Challenging. Most activity is between 1,640 and 10,500 feet. The maximum elevation we reach is 11,480 feet. Trails can be rugged, not the well-maintained trails you may be accustomed to in your country. For the most part, you can hike at your own speed. Our group will walk in group along the tour. On the tour, you will just carry your own daypack for the items that you want with you on the excursion, such as a water bottle, camera, and a jacket. Our extra gears are left in our van.

Trip Checklist

– Travel insurance (and some copies).

– Face tissue paper, toilet paper.

– Camera.

– Camera charger and, extra batteries.

– Sunblock,

– Sun hat.

– Sunglasses.

– Backpack to carry your things.

– Rain gear

– Water bottle, Canteen or Camelback container.

– Long sleeve T-shirts.

– Hiking trousers

– American dollars and Peruvian soles in cash.

– Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g. Ibuprofen).

– Personal first-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may take).

When to Go

Tipon, Pikillacta full day tour can be explored all year, but in late January and February, are the rainiest months, when some Inca sites are foggy and difficult to see. The season normalizes in March and April when the rains lighten up and the mountains are still green. High season begins in May and extends through September, as these are the driest months. October through December is considered shoulder season when occasional rain is possible, but keep in mind that the highlands of Peru are a temperate desert and it is not uncommon for it not to rain for weeks at a time even in the height of the rainy season. This is also the time with the fewest hikers on the trail, more flowers in bloom, and fewer tourists at Machu Picchu as well as in Cusco. Temperatures in the Cusco-Machu Picchu region range from the high 60s in the daytime to the low 40s at night, with some variation depending on the time of year you go.